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Women’s anatomy is more complex than average women know—science backs up this fact. Every woman’s body is unique in her way so each need is different, and at times could be delicate. How this delicate need is meant varies from one woman to the other.
Mentor® Breast Implant caters to these special needs with sophisticated products, backed by a recall policy that guaranteed these products. Should the company detect a defect in a specific implant they will issue a recall, citing the serial number of the particular implant in need of the recall.

Breast Implant in women

Nature has sculpted women’s bodies according to each woman’s genetic makeup. However, there are times science has to step in and augment through the special implant and bodily enhancement to achieve the desired results. Why these implants take place could be a matter of personal preference; more likely a matter of medical necessity—in the case of a single or double mastectomy.
Breast implant occurs more often than other implants in women. It is a surgical procedure performed on women to augment the natural breast or simply to replace it. Reasons for this procedure differ. It could be due to medical necessity or just bodily enhancement.

What is a breast implant? A breast implant is a prosthesis (a device) that is used to change a person’s breast (size, shape, contour etc.) it is used to enlarge the appearance of the breast—majorly used in women.
Breast implant occurs more than other cosmetic implants in women. The procedure is technically called breast augmentation or mammoplasty, which is augmenting a woman’s breast with implants. The reasons could be any or a couple of the following:
Correction of surgery: Surgery could leave the woman’s breasts out of proportion. Surgery such as mastectomy (total removal of the breast due to cancer) can leave a woman without natural breasts. A need for breast augmentation with implants can be used to correct this body contour and give the breasts a natural look.

Need for bigger breasts: Some women undergo a surgical procedure to have breast implants to increase the size of their natural breasts.
Self-image: It is a known fact that most women, if not all women attached importance to how they look (especially to certain parts of their body). Some opted for breast implants to boost their self-confidence regarding the shape, size and contour of their breasts.
Weight loss: Losing weight could reduce the size, shape and contour of a woman’s breasts considerably or make them saggy. So, some of these women opted for implants to reshape and resize their breasts to their desired form.

Ageing breasts: Women will age, just like everyone else and likewise their breasts. Some women in this category opted for implants to mould their ageing breasts into looking youthful.
After pregnancy: Childbirth will impart the size, shape and contour of a woman’s breasts. Some of them who felt the need to correct their breasts opted for implants after childbirth.
Risks to breast implants
Like many surgical procedures, there are risks involved in breast implants. Breast augmentation risks include:
 Breast pain
 Chest pain; breast infection; sensation in the breasts and nipples
 Possibility of implant rupture or leakage
 Capsular contracture (scar tissue that affects the shape of the implant)
Most of these risks will need further surgery to either correct, remove or replace the implants.
Facts about breast implants
 Breast implants would never prevent your breasts from sagging. A breast lift can be recommended to augment breast implants.
 Breast implants will not last a lifetime. The medium life span of a breast implant is 10 years.

 No matter whether the implants or breasts lift, a woman’s breasts will continue to age. Weight gain and weight loss too will affect the breasts’ size, shape and contour.
 Breastfeeding could become very difficult after breast implant.
 A breast implant is quite expensive. Insurance companies do not cover breasts implant because it is cosmetic surgery, except in the case of medical purposes such as mastectomy.
 More surgeries will be required after an implant to either remove, correct or replace it.
 Screening for rupture or leakage is highly recommended. Implants such as silicone need routine MRI to check for rupture.
Mentor® Breast Implant
This is part of the Johnson & Johnson group of companies founded in 1969. The company is into breast aesthetics. It has been a producer of serialized breast implants, producing high-quality, science-based, long-lasting implants for women’s breasts.
Mentor® Products are:
 Mentor® MemoryGel® Breast Implants
 Mentor® CPGTM Gel Breast Implants
 Mentor® SPECTRUMTM Adjustable Saline Breast Implants
 Mentor® Saline Breast Implants
Products can fail, either instantly or over the years. Mentor® offers protection for their products such as:
 Free lifetime replacement if your implant rupture.
 Up to €1000, financial assistance to cover part of your surgical expenses should your implant rupture.
 Mentor® will replace the product free in case of capsular contracture, double capsule and late-stage seroma.
 Mentor® will provide a free contralateral implant if your surgeon required it.
 Mentor® will automatically enrol you in the Mentor® Promise Protection Plan.
Implant recall could happen. It happened on 30th September 2021. Health Canada initiated the Mentor® Breast Implant serial number recall with the product serialized RA-76671. Mentor® recalled the product because of a structural defect that caused deflation.
Should you ever get a recall it is recommended that you contact Mentor® for the details required to make a claim.

Mentor® Breast Implant serial recall is the medical recall of a product due to likely structural default.

1. What should I do if my implant is ruptured?
Ans: Contact your surgeon and book an emergency appointment. The surgeon will give you the best advice.
2. Can I claim benefits for my ruptured implant?
Ans: Contact Mentor® and lay your complaint to get the best options.


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