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How To Hire

Start Shopping For Freelancers

Do you have a job that needs to get done? Do you need to fill a job vacancy? You can get started on and shop for freelancers with the right skills.

  • Getting Started

    Joining Trivlance

    • Join by registering or signup.
    • Fill in your details.
    • Get verification mail sent to your email address.
    • Verified your account.
    • Login to your account and update it.
    • Start posting jobs or hiring freelancers.
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    Digital Marketing

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Freelancing Business

Get Your Gigs Running

Freelancing is both professional and lucrative if you have the right skills and motivation. It’s worth noting that you have to build a solid profile and push your gig tenaciously or pitch your niche to the right audience.

  • Freelancing on Trivlance

    Getting Started

    • Join by registering or signup.
    • Fill in your details.
    • Get verification mail sent to your email.
    • Verified your account.
    • Login to your account and update it.
    • Upload your Identification ID to get verified before you can start freelancing.
    • Create your gigs professionally. Choose from the hundreds of available services, and use formal language to sound professional. Tell something about your competence and highlight why you think you should be hired for the job you are pitching.
    • Quality pictures with a clear background are highly recommended. Your gig pictures should be 1140 x 400 pixels and your author picture should be 255 x 255 pixels—clear background with adequate lighting.  
  • Name Your Price

    Pricing for Your Service

    Give your price for the service. Your prices could be fixed or fluid (depending on the kind of service), remember to add more details about pricing. A prospective client can notify you if they want a better quotation for the service you listed.


Earning on Trivlance

Managing Profitability runs on a win-win ratio. Freelancers will get a good deal on their services as bargained for. Income comes from the money paid by employers or hirers for the services. will earn a commission from each service purchased and paid for.  

  • Earning Policy

    Payment and Earning

    • Employers pay for services hired via payment options available (Credit Card, PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Deposit/Transfer, Cheque).
    • Trivlance will withhold payment to the freelancers until the job is done successfully and accepted by the employers. Should the freelancers fail to deliver the job Trivlance will refund the employers and charge the freelancers any charges incurred due to the failed transaction.
    • Disputes between an employer and a freelancer in regard to payment issues will be duly looked into by Trivlance administrators and judged fairly after considering all pieces of evidence.
    • Trivlance commission rate is 20% per service. It will be deducted from freelancers’ earnings at the point of remittance to the latter.               

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